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The Velashape V-9
has arrived!

Treat Yourself To A Smoother, Sexier Figure!

is a non-invasive body contouring treatment for circumferential & cellulite reduction.

VelaShape is a proven device with breakthrough results as it treats both the deeper tissue and the upper layers of the skin. You can gain a measurable reduction in fat layers, circumference and the appearance of cellulite. The procedure is non-surgical, involves no downtime and is virtually painless.

Call for more information.  We can also email you.

$500 per body part. 
3 recommended sessions.  Results after one treatment.  
Purchase 3 sessions $1200 (savings of $300) 

$199/65 Min. 
or $245/90 Min.
65 or 90  Minute Fix it all Facial
A comprehensive answer to every skin woe, packaged into one amazing facial! The Fix-It-All Facial is like a magic tool box for your face; not only does it utilize the most effective technology and techniques available ( microdermabrasion, topical peel, electric microcurrent, LED light therapy & CO2 oxygen), but it’s specially customized to your skin’s specific needs. Beautiful skin is a matter of choice!

60 Minute Custom Facial with arm & hand massage. $94.95

Optimal Enhancements for Your Massage

  • $35/
  • Tourmaline
    • Produces the greatest amount of negative ions
    • Revitalizes your energy levels and detoxifies your body
    • Fragile in structure, potent in benefits
    • Helps the body function more efficiently by returning your energy and mood levels closer to normal
    • Jade emits a low heat that produces a calming sensation good for relaxation and meditation
    • We utilize all natural jade  .

  • Hot Stone Therapy Sampler: $20 (Melt away tension and stress with warm basalt lava stones) 

  • Himalayan Salt Stones $30   
    • Helps lower blood pressure.
    • Improves circulation.
    • Promotes healthy blood sugar.
    • Supports a healthy respiratory system and sinuses.
    • Relieves anxiety and addresses insomnia.
    • And more...

    • CBD OIL BENEFITS:  Pain Reliever, reduces anxiety & depression, ability to lower high blood pressure, sleep aid, mood enhancer, increased memory function, stimulates collagen production, firms tissues, reduces acne and so much more.

    • CBD Clinic Spot Treatment Ointment/ (with menthol/cooling)  Up to 3 body parts $45(Level 3)
    • CBD Clinic Full Body $60(Level 3)

    • Back Scrub: $15.00 Back exfoliation with sea salt or sugar scrub.
    • Reflexology sampler $20
    • Reflexology 30 minutes $85 (includes hot stone sampler)
    • Scalp Massage no oil $10 with oil $15

  • Wild Lime Scalp Ritual: $20 
  • (Hypnotic scalp and shoulder massage)
  • Hand Scrub $10
  • Foot Scrub: $15 (Relaxing exfoliation, hot towel, and massage)
  • Hand Scrub: $10 (Relaxing exfoliation, hot towel, and massage)
  • Clear My Head Sinus Treatment: $15 (Aromatic eucalyptus pressure point massage for sinus relief) 
  • Clear My Headache Treatment: $15 (Peppermint and lavender migraine eliminator 
  • Facial Massage: $15  choice of apricot oil or coconut oil (hydrating)
  • Cupping:  Priced for body part.. From $35-$75
  • Deep Tissue Upgrade $50
  • Pre-Natal $50 with a Dr. Note (required by law, past 1st tri-mester)
  • Aromatherapy $30
  • Assisted Stretching Sampler $20

  • Biofreeze $15 (perfect for tired sore muscles)

Collagen Shots $10

Healthy Feet
  • Marine Detox Scrub and Masque (for tired feet): $35 
“Fix It All Massage because everyBODY is different.  “$189/65 min. add 30 min for $94.50

A Harmony Spa favorite . Our most requested massage !

CBD  Swedish Massage with scalp massage ,hot stones sampler , (assisted stretching /optional). Back scrub, finished with facial massage with hydrating apricot oil, hot towel and finished  with cryro sticks or cold stones.
What are you waiting for ? Book now 302-224-5410
Harmony Spa
Where time stands still.... Zzzzz

Whiter Image - Premium LED Whitening Light-V4 with Dentist approved whitening pre-filled gel tray.
 20 Min./$119 (Value: $225)
Includes  Whiter Image - Nano-Bio Activation Whitening Toothpaste!
  • Bio-Activated micro-cleansing forming action lifts surfaces stains
  • Nano-Grade Whiteners work hard to reach spots and gently polish away surface stains.
  • Contains ingredients that help fight tartar, remove plaque&prevent gingivitis
  • )

    • 6-10 Shades of whiter teeth in less than 1 Hour
    • Unique Color Correction Function
    • Specially designed for spas, dental clinics and med spas
    • Combines LED polymerization, light activation & color-correction technologies
    • State-of-the-art LED Technology
    • Ergonomic stand design & intuitive controls

    65 Min. $159(add 30 min. for $$39.75)

    No time for a facial and massage?

    We have your covered!

    65 Min. Massage with  Cold Accupressure facial massage and peel off treatment mask. Look and feel your best with this personalized massage/facial.  Influenced by the pressure points of acupressure , and the cool touch of Cold Therapy.  

    NanoGlobe ‘Zen’ Massage techniques firm and tighten the underlying muscles and reduce fine lines on the face. They also help to eliminate redness, oxygenate skin, stimulate nerves, reduce pores, and sooth the skin. Additionally, Cold/Ice therapy preserves telomere length which is correlated to longevity, quality of life (QOL), and slowing down the aging process. Your body and skin will love it!

    Want Eminence Organics Skincare sent to your doorstep?

    Click the link below  or copy/paste link and order away! https://eminenceorganics.com/spalink/Q0hSMDE5

    Harmony Spa has your back and your front! Tired of Franchise Spa's only giving you 50 minute services? Does your 50 minute's start when you are getting undressed? Do Franchise Spa's make it difficult for you cancel your membership? If you answered, "yes" to the above questions, its time to make a change to Harmony Spa. Harmony Spa, gives you the full 60 minutes. Your time starts when we enter the room and make contact with you. Did COVID-19 change your income? Having financial difficulties? We will work with you and your budget. Ask about our membership policy. We also have introductory offer$. Tough times for all! We will prevail! We are in this together. The staff at Harmony Spa appreciates you. Thank you for your business.

    Located at the White Clay Medical Building.

    550 Stanton Christiana Road

    Suite 301

    Newark, DE 19713

    (By the Christiana Hospital)

    Thank you for voting Harmony Spa Best Upstate Spa 2020 Delaware Today Magazine.  Reader Choice!

    Harmony Spa loves our Military!

    Thank you to our Military! 20% off online menu. Introductory rates and already discounted services do not apply.  (retail not included.)  Thank you for your service!

    Rezenerate Nano Facial has arrived! 


    (Cleanse, Exfoliation,Rezenerate, Calming Mask, Aftercare)

    Rezenerate NanoFacial

    Add on Eyes: $50

    Add on Lips: $25

    TOTAL for Face, Eyes and Lips: $234

     Diamond Micro-Dermabrasion $45

     Crystal Micro-Dermabrasion $75

    Add an AHA Peel: $45

    Hydra Facial $50

    Micro Current $50

    Add CO2 Oxygen $45

    LED Light Therapy $55

    Dermaplanning $45

    Rezenerate NanoFacial  Add Eyes & Lips "Add On" $50-$75

    (Eyes: $50 and Lips: $25)

    Model Approved Professional Spray Tanning. $55

    Sign up for our monthly facial membership $59.95 monthly.

    We use Eminence Organic Skin Care

    Blueberry Detox with Micro-dermabrasion! (Diamond or Crystal)

    Our # 1 selling facial! 

    No time for a facial and massage?

    We have your back and front!

    60 minute massage with Omni Peel Off Facial Mask. $145

    60 Min. Swedish Massage with

    Omni Peel off mask with Cold globe acupuncture and facial massage.

    Your skin and body will love it!

    Turn up the Hydration!

    Harmony Spa where time stands still.

    Opened June 15th!
    Welcome back! (don't forget your mask:)

     Because we are still under pandemic restrictions, we conduct non-contact temperature readings, our staff wears protection equipment as required.  Because of our restrictions, we have limited capacity which, unfortunately causes a longer wait time to schedule certain appointments. Please be patient, kind and understand we are doing our best for you.  Our staff loves their job and we hope you love your service. 
    Welcome back! We missed you.

    To schedule call 
    or 24/7 text line:

    Hours: Sunday 10AM-6PM
    Monday-Saturday 9AM-9PM

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    *Introductory offer for Couples Massage, Massage & Facials or join for the introductory price!

    $59.95(value $89.95) HARMONY SPA WELLNESS MASSAGE/ 60 Min. (  Using a variety of techniques)  OR SWEDISH MASSAGE
    1ST TIME CLIENTS ONLY(no discount coupons, no exceptions)Add 30 min. for $35

    $59.95(value $94.95) Harmony Spa Custom Facial/60 Min. ( Customized for your skin type, including double cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extractions, facial, neck & décolleté massage, enzyme, masque, spf, moisturizer  , serum & eye cream)

    $159 Couples Massage / Swedish Massage Side by Side in our couples room. 


    60 min Swedish Massage $89.95(add 30 min. for $44) 
    60 min Custom Facial $94.95  
    (returning client price)  

    Clients purchasing vouchers for single massage or facials who would like to be in our couples room will be charged $10 per person.

    Be a Member !

    Basic Monthly Membership 
    $59.95 (Value: $89-$94.95)
    60 Min. Eminence Custom Facial   OR Swedish Massage.  (  Using a variety of techniques)(add 30 min for $35)

     Harmony Spa Custom Facial/60 Min. ( Customized for your skin type, including double cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extractions, facial, neck & décolleté massage, enzyme, masque, spf, moisturizer  , serum & eye cream)
    $39 one time join fee

    Plus Monthly Membership
    $105.00 (Value $159-$179)(add 30 min for : $52)
    $39 one time join fee
    Premium Massages including:  Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Himalayan Salt and Hot Stone.  Premium Facials including: Bio-Lift, Hydra 60 min. Facials & our most requested Fix it All Facial.

    Relax, Renew and Revitalize. 

    Add CBD Oil to any massage or facial for $35. Such an amazing add-on!

    What is Reiki?

    Are you curious about Reiki? Have you seen  posts and wondered what it’s all about?

    Reiki is a hands on healing modality that originated in Japan and is on its way to becoming mainstream here as well. Many hospitals in the U.S. are incorporating Reiki into their care plans.

    As wonderful as life is, it also presents many challenges. We are often ingesting a regular diet of negativity without realizing we are storing this energy in our bodies. This stored energy is what causes anxiety, depression, illness, disease, addictions etc.

    In a Reiki session (app 1 hr) the practitioner works to release this energy, leaving space for the positive energy to flow. The client is fully clothed and lies on a massage table or is seated in a chair if necessary. The practitioner will lightly place their hands in specific areas or hover just above the body as needed. There is never any invasive touch. During a session the client may experience being hot or cold, body twitches, stomach gurgling, tears etc. Some may even fall asleep! This is all normal as your body is releasing .

    Reiki works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It promotes stress reduction and relaxation that in turn triggers the body’s natural healing ability. After a clients first Reiki session most people report feelings of peace, harmony and relaxation. A general lightness. Other benefits include reduced pain, increased energy levels, emotional healing and stability, stress reduction and immune system boosts.

    Reiki is cumulative. Regular Reiki treatments are a form of self care that promote a calmer more peaceful state of being and supports overall health by helping you maintain a state of physical and emotional balance.

    I am passionate about Reiki because it changed my life! I hope this gives you a better understanding of the healing benefits of Reiki. Experiencing Reiki first hand will explain more than my words ever could.

    1 hour: $85

    30 min: 45



    O.K. I was a skeptic to say the least. I had my doubts about this Reiki. I finally decided to try it and went with an open mind. What did I have to lose? I felt very comfortable in the surroundings. The table was soft and the room relaxing. The first thing I experienced was my stomach growling and making all kinds of noise. Then tears just started flowing . I was not sad. I didn’t know where this came from. I was almost asleep when she asked me to turn over to work on my back. The session ended, we talked a little and I went home. As I relaxed that night, I had some crazy feelings. My arms felt like they were weightless. I felt calm and peaceful. The following day, my arms still felt light and I was in a very good frame of mind.

    Teri Leuci

    Donna Pleasanton has a beautiful and calming energy! She is highly intuitive and sensitive to your needs. I recommend her 100%

    Sylvia Symogi

    Donna is an amazing reiki practitioner! I have always had beautiful experiences and deep feelings of connection when she has worked on me.

    Dorlynn Starn

    I knew about Reiki and had experienced some other Reiki practitioners. However, Donna, you have a gift. Levels of relaxation and connection are deeper. Your sweet and gentle demeanor made me feel comfortable immediately. The gentle music and Reiki just add to the pleasant experience. Ahhhhhhhhh!

    Patti Gerhart

    Harmony Spa 

    has been voted 

    "Best of Delaware" Upstate Day Spa 2020!

    Be a Member or Look like one with a Harmony Spa Membership. 

    Basic: $59.95

    Plus: $105.00

    One time join fee of $39.00

    It's a Date! 

    Eminence Couples Facials : $209.90


    Combination Packages:

    • Express Zen Combo: 45 min.  Custom facial and 45 min. massage: $130

    • Elite: 1-hour Swedish massage and 45 min. Custom facial: $150

    • The Royal Treatment: 1-hour Swedish massage, body exfoliation, and 60 min. facial/lunch: $275

    • The Socialite Princess: 4 hand 60 min massage(2 THERAPISTS), body exfoliation,  60 min facial,  scalp massage and foot exfoliation  . $385 (Mimosa included )

    Couples Massage Introductory Offer

     $159 (new clients only)(add 30 min per couple: $79.50) = $239.50

    60 minute Swedish Massage(add 30 min for $44=$133.95

    Relaxation Couples Package:
     $200 per couple. Side by side in Our couples room with two waterfalls. Share the love.
    (Value: $269) add 30 min per couple for : $100)= $300
    60 Minute Couples Massage
    w/ Scalp massage & Foot Reflexology Sampler with Wine or champagne.


     60 Min. Couples Massage
     $189 per couple with a glass of wine. (add 30 min per couple $94.50)=$283.50

    At Harmony Spa, we've built our business upon creating the perfect, most sought-after facials in the industry.  More than just facials, each of our offerings are transformative treatments, that cumulatively over time, are guaranteed to provide lasting, time-reversing results. 

    Combination Packages - Massage and Facial

    • Express Zen Combo: 45 min.  Custom facial and 45 min. massage: $130
    • Elite: 1-hour Swedish massage and 45 min. Custom facial: $150
    • The Royal Treatment: 1-hour Swedish massage, body exfoliation, and 60 min. facial/lunch: $275
    • The Socialite Princess: 4 hand 60 min massage(2 THERAPISTS), body exfoliation,  60 min facial,  scalp massage and foot exfoliation  . $385 (Mimosa included )



    Couples Introductory Rate: (first time only)

    $159/60 min. (Value: $199) (Add 30 min. for $79.50 per couple)

    Swedish massage/ Side by side in our couples room with waterfall.


    $200 (value $269) per couple /60 minute Swedish with REFLEXOLOGY SAMPLER  & SCALP MASSAGE.   Wine or champagne included. ( or make it a 90, add 30 min per couple $100)


    Couples Massage 

    $189 per couple  (value $229.90) 60 min .

    Add 30 minutes and make it 90 min.  $94.50 per couple

    90 min upgrade to deep tissue is: $75 per client 

    *Pre-Natal upgrade is $50 and must have a Dr. Note and past 1st tri-mester. (STATE LAW and for your safety.


    (Not a full body massage)

    Includes "Clear your Headache or Sinus" Treatment.  This focused massage releases tension & restores comfort to this typically knotted up area.  Complete with a Facial massage. This treatment lifts, tones and firms facial muscles through a series of specialized facial massage strokes, leaving a glowing look for days.

    Gift Card Purchases through Pay Pal on our website.