Harmony Spa 

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At Harmony Spa, we've built our business upon creating the perfect, most sought-after facials in the industry.  More than just facials, each of our offerings are transformative treatments, that cumulatively over time, are guaranteed to provide lasting, time-reversing results.

                                                      COUPLES RELAXATON PACKAGE:  $159  per couple /60 minute Swedish with REFLEXOLGY SAMPLER OR HOT STONE SAMPLER  & SCALP MASSAGE.   CHAMPAGNE OR MIMOSA INCLUDED WITH ALL IN HOUSE PURCHASES

 Add 30 minutes for:   $30 each client. or   
Couples Massage $119 per couple/60 min Swedish Massage with Champagne or Mimosa

COUPLES 90 MIN. SWEDISH MASSAGE:  $200 per couple


Pre-Natal upgrade is $50 and must have a Dr. Note and past 1st tri-mester.


Mangosteen Lactic Pro Peel 10% 60MIN/$80

Experience immediate results with this professional-only lactic acid peel. Provides a complete surface and pore-refining treatment by removing impurities and dead skin cells while minimizing pores and smoothing the look of skin. This revitalizing peel is self-neutralizing and non-irritating, even for sensitive skin.


  • Mangosteen: A super fruit that helps protect skin from drying environmental stressors while promoting natural radiance
  • Lactic Acid Complex (Lactic Acid, Ribose, Red Clover Flower Extract): A proprietary blend of actives; gently resurfaces skin and refines pores for a more luminous, even, and youthful looking complexion
  • Lactic Acid: Gentle alpha-hydroxy-acid (AHA) exfoliant; removes surface build-up and improves skin hydration for a brighter, smoother complexion
  • Ribose (from Corn Seeds): Promotes the look of smoother, revitalized skin
  • Red Clover Flower Extract: Refines and improves skin tone to minimize pore size
  • Immediate visible results with no irritation or downtime
  • Surface build-up is removed and pore size is minimized
  • Skin appears supple and radiant
  • Skin feels smooth and conditioned


Couples Relaxation Massage $159 per couple/ 60 min Swedish Massage

Couples Massage $119 per couple/60 min Swedish Massage with Champagne or Mimosa

Add 30 minutes and make it 90 min.
$30 each client
Add a Deep Tissue for $50 per client
Champagne included in all couples packages

Monthly Membership for life !
Code: Grandfathered in
Good for one massage or facial.
May gift to a friend or family member for $10 transfer fee per service.

Spa Packages

Take 2:   60 min Eminence Facial & 60 min Harmony Spa Massage $150 per person

Stand Out:  Choice of : 60 Min. Custom Facial with scalp massage $75 or Custom Facial with hand & foot scrub $85

Dear John Letter:  90 min Harmony Spa massage & 90 min Eminence Custom Facial $240.00

Relax:  65 min massage $75 w/Scalp massage

Executive on the Go: 30 min massage & 30 min facial $75

Executive Mom: 60 min Oxygen Facial with Derma Planning $180

Time Out:  30 min massage with 30 min backcial $90

Employee of the year: 4 Hand Massage (2 therapists) 60 min Eminence Facial: $275 Foot scrub & Paraffin wax for the hands

The White Collar:  4 Hand Massage (60 min/2 therapists) with hot stone sampler $185

Latte Mom or Dad: 45 min Facial or 45 min massage with a cafe latte:  $55

We have your back:  Backcial:  Facial for the back 50 min.  Harmony has your back!  Double cleanse, exfoliate, enzyme, masque, moisturizer and SPF.  $75 Add micro-dermabrasion or derma-planning for $40

C02 Oxygen Facial Machine  

Oxygen facials are available for : Anyone and Everyone, an amazing facial for fine lines and wrinkles, dryness acne(a must) and all things anti-aging!

Oxygen for the most part is a one and done treatment or every few months.  Beneficial to ALL skin types and for both men $ women.

From an aesthetics point of vew, measurable oxygen levels begin dropping in the skin at the age of 25 and extremely low oxygen levels are strong indicators of aged skin. By age 40, 50% of the skins ability to consume and retain oxygen has been impaired.  When the skin is deprived of oxygen, blood vessels constrict and it severely compromises the skins ability to function properly.

                                                         INTRODUCTORY OFFER: $99

                                                        Add on to any facial: $40





Monthly Membership for life !
Good for one massage or facial. Any extra service per month is membership price.
May gift to a friend or family member for $10 transfer fee per service.

Gift Card Purchases through Pay Pal on our website.